Who are we and what are we about?

We are an all-volunteer 501c7 non-profit corporation/social club.  We were formed by a group of early Tesla Owners/enthusiasts.  While almost all of our members own one or more Tesla vehicles, (or have a reservation for one,) many either have or are interested in Tesla energy products as well.  Membership is open to anyone who owns or has a reservation for any Tesla product.  We are all either directly or indirectly supporting the move to a sustainable future, Plus, we LOVE talking about our cars, the company, its products, EVs, the move to sustainable energy, and of course, Elon.  There are many exciting events in the works and hope you join and see you at a future event!

We are part of the Tesla Owners worldwide community, which is officially recognized by Tesla.  Worldwide leadership meets with Tesla in-person annually and virtually at least quarterly.  We do this to share knowledge and lessons learned, to help new clubs with information about how to get set up, to share best-practices, and to share stories.  We are sanctioned by Tesla as an official owners club and authorized to use our official logo.  We are independent from Tesla, but we work with them and have regular communication with their representatives.

Tesla Owners Washington has gone through a couple of reorganizations since its creation in 2016. It started out as Tesla Owners Club Pacific Northwest as official Tesla Owners Clubs started worldwide and its founders coordinated and interacted with leaders of other clubs and with Tesla.  At that time, we legally formalized the club as a 501c3 tax-exempt, charitable non-profit organization and ran that way for the next couple of years.  After numerous discussions with other club leaders from around the world, Tesla representatives, and multiple lawyers, we decided to legally reorganize from our 501c3 tax-exempt, charitable non-profit organization to a 501c7 non-profit social club organization.  At that same time the Executive Board, Theresa Ramsdell, Jay Turney, Margie Ye, and Cindy Lepore agreed to change the name to Tesla Owners Puget Sound to better reflect the geographical region of the clubs membership.  Once more members joined outside of this region, we expanded and renamed the club to Tesla Owners Washington (TOWA).  We created several chapters under our new TOWA name to represent and focus on various geographical regions throughout the state.  We are currently registered as a 501c7 non-profit Social Club and officially launched under our new name and structure in January 2020, after signing a multi-page license agreement and an NDA with Tesla. We are an Official Partner of the Tesla Owners Program.

We are excited to be an on official Tesla Owners Club and to share Tesla's mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

Our Chapters

PugetSound North Northeast Southeast South Southwest Olympic

Our Board


Theresa Ramsdell

  • President since September 2019, event director since October 2018, Founding member of Tesla Owners Washington, stockholder, owner and enthusiast.
    • Model S owner since March 2016
    • Currently own January 2018 Model 3 LR RWD and a September 2018 Model 3 Performance+
    • Member since March 2018, starting with TOCPNW, then TOPS, and now TOWA
  • I'm a graphic designer by trade.
  • Community volunteer for fourteen years with Girl Scouts of Western Washington
    • Leader for 13 years
    • Service Unit Manager for 4 years
    • Camp Director for 3 years
    • Co-Chair for the Seattle Leadership Luncheon for 2 years
    • Gold Award Advisor for 2 years
  • Model 3 owner, Solar Roof/Powerwalls and Cybertruck reservation holder
  • Referral code:  http://ts.la/blake4346

Vice President

Jay Turney

  • Long-time board member, organizer, supporter, active club member, stockholder, Tesla owner and enthusiast!
    • Reservation holder (Model X) since 10/27/2013
    • Owner since 04/20/2016
    • Member since 9/16/2017 (TOCPNW, TOPS & TOWA since inception)
  • Retired Engineer / Engineering manager (Boeing/Microsoft)
  • Community Volunteer
    • High School Robotics coach
    • Issaquah School District volunteer
    • Bloodworks Northwest volunteer
    • HOA Vice President
  • Model X owner, Solarglass roof & Powerwall and Cybertruck reservation holder
  • Referral code:  http://ts.la/jay8098


Margie Ye

  • Co-founder of TOCPNW, supporter, active club member, stockholder, Tesla owner and enthusiast!
    • Model S Owner from September 2015 – September 2018
    • Model 3 Owner since October 2018
    • Cybertruck reservation holder
    • Member since August 2017 (TOCPNW, TOPS & TOWA since inception)
  • Currently pursuing to be a Financial Advisor specializing in Retirement Planning
  • A Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2005, owner and operator of a consultancy.
  • Adjunct instructor at Bellevue College
  • Community Volunteer
    • A pioneer member of the Bellevue City Diversity Adversity Network 
    • An active board member for Bridle Trails Community Club (BTCC)
    • Candidate for 2019 City of Bellevue Council election
  • Model 3 owner and Cybertruck reservation holder
  • Referral code:  http://ts.la/marguerite559

Secretary/Social Media

Cindy Lepore

  • Social Media Board Member since October 2018 starting with TOCPNW, Tesla owner and enthusiast!
    • Model 3 owner
    • Member since 2018 (TOCPNW, TOPS and TOWA since inception)
  • Dreams to own one of each Tesla someday, including an original Roadster and the Semi.
  • Referral code: https://ts.la/cynthia84159

Technology Advisor

Joydeep (JD) Hazra

  • Tesla owner and enthusiast!
    • Model S Owner from September 2015 – September 2018
    • Model 3 Owner since October 2018
    • Cybertruck reservation holder
    • Member since 2018 (TOCPNW, TOPS & TOWA)
    • Technology Advisor for TOWA
  • Technology Management Professional with global market experience over 20 yrs.
  • Adjunct instructor for Bellevue College
  • Community Volunteer
    • Chair for Youth Link Board, City of Bellevue
    • Member and alumni of Bellevue Essentials, City of Bellevue
    • UW Mentor for Business programs
    • Startup advisor
    • DEI Advisor
  • Model 3 owner and Cybertruck reservation holder
  • Referral code:  http://ts.la/marguerite559

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