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We are formerly the Tesla Owners Club - Pacific Northwest (TOCPNW) and in the process of establishing this new club as a 501c7 non-profit Social Club.  Please bear with us during this transition as we pull things together and get things set up.  We have many exciting events in the works and hope you join and we see you there!

We were formed by a group of Tesla Owners.  While almost all of our members own one or more Tesla vehicles, (or have reservation for one,) many either have or are interested in Tesla energy products as well.  Membership is open to anyone who owns or has a reservation for any Tesla product.  We are all either directly or indirectly supporting the move to a sustainable future.  We LOVE talking about our cars, the company, its products, EVs, the move to sustainable energy, and of course, Elon.

We are part of the Tesla Owners worldwide community, which are officially recognized by Tesla.  Worldwide leadership meets with Tesla in-person annually and virtually at least quarterly.  We do this to share knowledge and lessons learned, to help new clubs with information about how to get set up, to share best-practices, and to share stories.  We are sanctioned by Tesla as an official owners club and authorized to use our official logo.  We are independent from Tesla, but we work with them and have regular communication with their representatives.

7241 185th Avenue NE, #3191

Redmond, WA  98073 

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