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Renewable Energy

One of the best features of electric cars is that the electricity that fuels them can be generated by…well, pretty much anything.  Local priorities (in some cases even down to the household level – that is, your priorities) can drive a choice of energy sources based on the relative importance of features such as price, reliability, pollution, carbon footprint – and the energy sources can change as priorities and/or external factors change.

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New Owner On-Boarding Events (NOOB-E)

Our New Owner On-Boarding Events (NOOB-E) are events where experienced owners come out to offer their time and expertise to help new owners.  The help can come in the form of answering questions or sitting in the new owner's Tesla and walking them through setting up or customizing various settings or features.  Lately we have been hosting these events concurrent with our Charger Chats.  Though Tesla’s user interface is pretty straightforward, and the owner’s manual is full of great information, there are always situations where finding the answer isn’t quite so simple.  We're here to help.

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Plug In America EV Battery Surveys

Plug In America is a non-profit, supporter-driven advocacy group. They are conducting a series of surveys of electric vehicle owners to better understand battery longevity and owner experience. If you’d like to participate, please click the link below.

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Legal Stuff

We are a 501(c)(7) non-profit social club.  We were formed by a group of Tesla Owners in the Seattle area.  While almost all of our members own one or more Tesla vehicles, (or have reservation for one,) many either have or are interested in Tesla energy products as well.  Membership is open to anyone who owns or has a reservation for any Tesla product.  We are all either directly or indirectly supporting the move to a sustainable future.  We LOVE talking about our cars, the company, its products, EVs, the move to sustainable energy, and of course, Elon.

We are part of the Tesla Owners worldwide community, and are officially recognized by Tesla.  Worldwide leadership meets with Tesla in-person annually and virtually at least quarterly.  We do this to share knowledge and lessons learned, to help new clubs with information about how to get set up, to share best-practices, and to share stories.  We are sanctioned by Tesla as an official owners club and authorized to use our official logo.  We are independent from Tesla, but we work with them and have regular communication with their representatives.


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